Sothys Noctuelle Aha's Night 10 Samples

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Sothys Noctuelle Aha's Night 10 Samples

* A very light night creme that leaves the skin extremely soft.
* Thanks to the 8% AHA complex, the complexion is bright and uniform.
* An AHA complex that provides hydration and mild micro-exfoliation to the skin's top layers.
* A quickly absorbing cream that prevents and diminishes the first external signs of aging.

Main Ingredients:
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex: 8% concentration of lactic acid (sour milk, yogurt), malic acid (apples), citric acid (lemon, orange) and tartaric acid (grapes, berries). AHAs accelerate the process of desquamation by dissolving the glue-like substance that bonds the outermost cell layers, freeing the surface that bonds the outermost cell layers, freeing the surface cells and speeding the natural exfoliation process. They also have moisturizing actions on the surface of the skin. The end result is an increase in cell renewal which will reveal layers of renewed, moistened, younger cells.
Liposomed Vitamin C: This is a powerful anti-oxidant that works to stimulate cellular reneal while acting as an anti free-radical.
Soy Extract: A natural substance recognized in protecting and preserving the organization of elastin fibers. Soy inhibits anti-elastase activity. Elastase is an enzyme that is linked to the deterioration of the elastic network.
Vitamin E: Vitamin E's chemical name is tocopherol. A powerful antioxidant that aids in neutralizing cell-damaging free radicals. As a fat soluble vitamin, it works within the lipids of the skin, therefore, maintaining skin moisture.
Corn Germ Oil: A skin-conditioning plant oil with properties of nourishing the stratum corneum, helping to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals and reduce skin redness.
Shea Butter Extract: A natural plant oil derived from an African fruit of the karite tree. Used for its exceptional skin-conditioning results; activates healing, reduces skin dryness.

Product Usage:
For Home Care Use: Apply in the evening on a well cleansed and toned skin. Spread the cream gently throughout the face and neck until it is fully penetrated

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